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DarkoJuan Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2015  Professional General Artist
Amazing Artwort!
dtjkk2 Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2015
You're a great artist man, but the lack of diversity in your models is unsettling.
zotax Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I love Erica!  Excellent pictures!!
Sweet6Yoko Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2015  Student General Artist
Youre gallery is wonderful, stunning !
UltimateLazerbot Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2015   Digital Artist
There's something poetically charming about your gallery that is quite the lure, its got soul to it. Very great work.
One of the nicest galleries i have seen.
dianasPoem Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
is there any site that we can find this photos as wallpapers (1980+++ resulotion)?
maguimalz Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2015  New Deviant
They're amazing!! I'm really impressed! Can I use one of them on the cover of one of my books if I give you credits on the first page of it?
M0THart Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2015  Professional Photographer
no, you must buy the photo if you want to use it for a book
doolhoofd Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2015
"This world is naught but a puppet show for bored gods. The puppet masters have done everything in their power to deceive the marionettes. They've convinced the puppets that there is no puppet show and that there are no spectators. They call the puppet theatre world, the puppets are called people, and the spectacle is called life." 
- Arnon Grunberg, Praised Be Mankind: Praise Of Folly 2001

"All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts."
- William Shakespeare, As You Like It
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